"Shaping Perfection, all over the world."

Shaping perfection

Shaping Perfection. That is what it is all about at Hilmar Group. With the development, production and sale of semi-finished products, packaging machines and boat lift systems, we are a solid an innovative partner for national and international customers in various markets. Our knowledge, experience and hands-on involvement can be seen in the quality of our products, which find their way to customers all over the world.

The Hilmar Group consists of suppliers Hilmar Industries and Hilmar Projects and the brands Inmaco and Hilmar Boatlifting. Inmaco specialises in solutions for the paper and packing industry (www.inmaco.nl). Hilmar Boat Lifting develops and produces widely usable modular boat lifting systems for the maritime sector (www.hilmarboatlifting.com). The diversity of activities we are involved in and our specialist knowledge enable us to provide simple and complex high quality products. You can always count on a supply reliability factor of at least 98%. This is shaping perfection.

Markets and Industries