"Dealing with complex situations"

Floormanagers Marthijn van der Steege and Marvin van der Haar

Marthijn van der Steege (28) and Marvin van der Haar (29) are Hilmar Industries' production managers. They have been working for Hilmar since 2008. They came into contact with the company during the last year of their tertiary studies, Economy and Logistics, when they were looking for a graduation assignment. At Hilmar they mapped the work processes and made proposals for additional improvements. "I liked the company right away," said Marthijn. "I felt at home very quickly". Marvin added: "What immediately struck me were the short lines in the organization. Regardless of the position held, people are able to find each other very easily." After completing their research projects and after both had enjoyed a well-deserved vacation after their graduation, they received a call from Eric Koele. The CEO and owner of Hilmar had a concrete offer for both of them: the option to develop and occupy managerial positions within a few years. The rest is history... by the way, Marthijn and Marvin never imagined that they would one day work in a technical environment. "We are not welders, turners or mill machinists, but that is not necessary," stated Marvin. "Our job is to ensure that the various production processes are running smoothly." Marthijn: "This means that you could deal with complex situations and that you must know how to convert a difficult situation into a positive one."